The Gacha Show – Season Three

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The Gacha Show returns for its third season this month. Hosted at Gachatopia, the Gacha Show is a one hour interview with a well known Second Life gacha creator. To learn more about the Gacha Show, including past show transcripts, a list of past show gifts and news about upcoming shows, visit the new dedicated website 

Ebenezers Gift

Time keeps crawling along. Here we are at another December. Last year Second Life gacha had us dressed as penguins in octopus hats slapping people with fish. We had a massive gift giving effort set up at Gachatopia called Santas Grotto that brought everyone together. This year we have something else for our beloved community of gacha junkies. We used Two Leaf’s new Mystery Gift giving server to hide an exclusive gift in Ebenezers house at Gachatopia. Click all around the house and if old Ebenezer is up to it, you’ll get something special made by Casa del Shai and Botanical. The gift will be out for the rest of the month. Happy Holidays to all!

Ebenizers Gift 02

Holiday Market Opens!

The gacha elves have been hard at work packing up some incredible bargains for you. The Holiday Market at Gachatopia will be continuously replenished from now until the 30th! Our goal is “Leave No Table Empty and No Gacha Behind!” If you love to rummage the Holiday Market will not disappoint. Purple ribbons are 20L gifts, Blue ribbons are 40L gifts and Green ribbons are 80L gifts. Nothing over 100L! You can also use area search to see the sale in list form by searching (giftbox).

Our gacha elves are going to be coming around checking tables all week so one thing you can be sure of, the Gachatopia Holiday Market will never be the same sale twice! See you at the market!






Holiday Market

Holiday Market Poster


The holidays are almost here and Gachatopia has you covered! Join us November 22nd to November 30th for the largest gacha Holiday Market in Second Life! Over one thousand transferable gifts will be out packaged in a lovely gift box, ready to go. It’s easy to find an affordable gift by rummaging around the color coded boxes. All boxes have an image of the gacha set inside. Don’t like to cam around? No problem! Every box has (giftbox) in the name for easy area search. Come back often because these tables will be kept FULL, replenished as things sell! You never know what will get put in its place.

Join us November 22nd to November 30th for some fun in Second Life!

Take me to the market!

Sim Makeover

Sim Makeover01

If you haven’t noticed by now, Gachatopia is an ever changing community and sim. While we say goodbye to sim features like the original Gacha Museum and Gacha Auctions, we make way for things like the Gacha Show and TAG! Gacha which reach out to the Second Life gacha community as a whole. The incredible success of TAG! Gacha this past October has opened up a lot of doors for future endeavors but first we felt it was time to change up the sim a bit. The reworking of the shops is something that’s been on the table for months. We were balancing between a custom build, which we had no time to complete, and a prefab, of which we could not decide on. Earlier in the summer this build from Thistle came on the market. The timing was wrong, but the build was right and we earmarked the upgrade for Novemeber.

Sim Makeover02


If you have ever been to NYC you might feel that vibe again walking the streets here now. The brownstones are perfectly suited for the neighborhood feel we had always hoped to achieve. The new shops made room for some new tenants too, like Madame Medusa’s Pawn Shop Boutique which has an interesting selection of gacha.

Sim Makeover03

You will find all the same shops here as well, like Thea’s Thrift Shop, now with an added Bargain Basement on the lower level. The brownstones enabled us to add a new Medium shop option of 150 prim. Shop owners now have the option to rent the Small shop below, the Medium shop above, or the whole brownstone as the Large shop option. Exploring the new shop build is an immersive experience that will more than likely result in a great gacha find along the way. See you there!

Sim Makeover04




TAG! You’re It


After many months of keeping this project a big secret, it was a big relief to be able to reveal TAG! Gacha to everyone at the start of this month. And before we knew it – the event is nearly upon us and the Gacha Keys are coming in at a steady rate.


TAG! Gacha Haunted Studio Poster Dates

Gachatopians spoke… and we listened. All our beloved events had a major flaw in common – and that was having a server capacity that was way below the demand of the consumers. (i.e: the dreaded message: TP cannot be completed because region is full) This is of course not the fault of the organisers but the limitation of the platform that is Second Life. In addition, lag for these crowded events was usually brutal. Again… related to the huge performance demands on a server that was heaving with avatars and lots of goodies to be bought.

For TAG! Gacha we tried to circumvent this problem by spreading the server load and what better way to do this than to bring customers back to the main stores of creators. From Booger’s giant nose to Olive’s giant um… Olive… From surreal landscapes to fantastical ones… From humble little rabbit holes to spectacular architectural achievements… when you are hopping from store to store and discovering new ones, you’ll be wondering why you never visited earlier.

Halloween is our favourite time of year and from what we can see, TAG! Gacha creators seem to think so too! The quality of products on offer is simply outstanding. We have new up and coming brands amongst established and beloved names.

Playing TAG! Gacha is easy. Visit HOW TO PLAY for more information.

Keep an eye on our TAG! Gacha Flickr feed where you can look at pictures specific to TAG! Gacha. If you have gacha photos to submit, please do so in our Gachatopia flickr group.

TAG! Gacha tip: If the region you are trying to get into is full, you can skip it on the HUD and visit it again later.


We hope you will enjoy the event and good luck with the machines! Happy and safe trading everyone :)


The Templars


Busking On Jam!


A great time was had by all! This is in no small part to Balaclava!! for once again creating an interactive gacha that was just plain fun to use. Here you see Gachatopians gathered at our newBalaclava!! display in the museum. The display features a huge version of the exclusive harmonica gifted to Gachatopia by Uriah when he was a guest on the Gacha Show last month. The rezzable instruments are there for anyone who would like to play them and bring along some wearables to complete your band. This display like most, will be up as long as it amuses us! You can catch these instruments at the Arcade but only for one more week! Don’t miss out!

Busking01 Busking02Busking06 Busking04Busking03 Busking07







Gacha Award Contest!

Gacha Award Contest 01

The Gacha Award Contest has begun! This is your big chance to make that incredible acceptance speech you know is deep inside, waiting for the world to hear! All you need is a Commoner Award Statuette from this round of the Arcade and the conviction to tell the world why you deserve it!


How to Enter


  1. Grab a Commoner Award Statuette from the Arcade or better yet, one that has been awarded to you!
  2. Dress up nice and head over to Gachatopia. Snap  picture of yourself on the red carpet set up across from the Trailerpark while giving your speech! ( Example Entry )
  3. Post your picture to Flickr and copy your speech into the description of the photo in the following format:

Your Avatar Name

The Name of Your Award

Your Speech


  1. Add the picture to the Gachatopia Flickr Group.


The Rulz


A winner will be chosen on March 31st 2014. This contest is all about the speech! Make us laugh, make us think, bring a tear to our eyes, just make it moving! Owners and officers of Gachatopia are not eligible to win. You may enter as many times as you want as long as each entry is a different award.


The Prize!


The prize is a box packed with retired Gacha! Here is a list of what is inside!


Gacha Retirement Package


Tee*fy Sleepy Bunny Sleeping Mask

Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress  Navy

Michonne Bear RARE

Alabaster Whittensfield III Bear

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Moe the Mammoth

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Petunia the Pterodactyl

*MishMish* Squirt Gun (rez) – Fish Green

*MishMish* Chipmunk – Sitting

O.M.E.N Surrealist Ball Gacha – Lit Antlers Gold

O.M.E.N – Arcade – Panda Sushi Set – Sushi Plate & Mat – G/W

BALACLAVA!! Marchin’ On – Lead Snare Drum (boxed)

BALACLAVA!! Tricksters and Their Mythical Treasures #6

[ContraptioN] Orchestrion: Ice Cream BOX

[ContraptioN] The Mysterious Music Box: Andromalius BOXED

FATEwear Scarf – Weasley – PianoKey (FW)

FATEwear Scarf – Weasley – Rainbow (RF)

The Sea Hole – Animated Fashion 5th – Oh Folly

The Sea Hole – Animated Fashion 5th – Sneezy Squirrel


GACHATOPIA – Tips on Playing and Trading Gacha safely and responsibly

Gacha Wonderland2


Yet another Arcade round of gacha is nearly upon us. It is hard to believe that we are up to the March 2014 round already. We have gone from 1 major gacha event every 3 months to 1 major event a month and it’s tough on the virtual wallet – especially one that translates so readily to rl money. If you are not careful, you will find yourself suddenly told by LL that you have maxed out your linden exchange limit for the month. (true story….) We at Gachatopia, have been playing Gacha for over a year and a half and we would like to share with you some strategies to keep your gacha spending under control:


1) Set yourself a budget

This is really important. You can easily go overboard when you are digging for that rare. Most gacha events go for a full month so you can quite reasonably ration your spending limit by the day, week or entire event.


2) If at first you don’t succeed, learn to say enough!

For when you look up into the sunlight, after having sunk 10k into a machine digging for that special colour for your sweetie and have received all the other rares in triplicate, the thought is to keep going… just one more…. it’s coming… I feel it in my water…. one more and another and another…

Just stop. And come back another day… or better still, get into a busy trade chat and trade your other rares for it.


3) Be informed.

Some gacha scripts allow you to check the percentage a rare is at, and this will allow you to make an informed decision about how much you wish to put into a machine or keep trying for a full set. The usual format for a Checkmate gacha script is <pull price>,<percentage>. However, not all gacha machines use this script.


4) Be Selective

Gone are the days where you could walk into Arcade and play every single machine. The number of creators increase with each round and that sort of gacha spending will have you reaching your linden trading limit very quickly.

The Arcade very kindly publishes a shopping guide on their website a few days prior to the event. It can be helpful to organise machines in this manner:

– Which machines you want to play no matter what,

– Which machines you dont want to play at all

– Which machines you would be happy to make trades for or look in yardsales for

5) Get yourself setup with Google documents and get your trade lists ready.

You increase your chances of making a successful trade if you have an up to date and easy to read tradelist. Make sure your document is public before linking them in active trade chats. Ensure that you read the groups rules before linking.


6) Do not speculate on Gacha

I cannot emphasize this enough. Gacha is not a business. Certainly it is no one elses business apart from that of the creator. There are too many variables that cannot be predicted in Gacha to allow any reliable speculation on the value of items.  So many factors come into play – for e.g: whether a machine is going to be retired or not (some machines have been unretired which caused a massive drop in resale value), how many items were sold before a machine was removed, consumer whims and fancies and item hoarding.

A study of [ContraptioN] music boxes across the history of the Arcade is telling about how the trends are shifting in terms of appreciation of resale value.

March 2013 release: Played to complete sets. Very little hoarding. Extras sold off for 75L at the time. July 2013 brought live auctions to the community and the resale value skyrocketed with 12-15k as a record for Ivandt’s waltz. Is now a rare item to get, including commons. Rares remain priced in several thousands with commons priced 1-1.5k.

September 2013 release: Played to complete sets. Some hoarding behaviour. Still available at most yardsales. Slow to move off tables but can be sold for slightly higher than pull price.

December 2013 release: Played to complete sets, widespread hoarding behaviour. Stories of people playing for rares and deleting commons. Still available in abundance at yardsales for pull price or less. Any increase in resale value remains to be seen but it is still early days.

In short: Play a machine that you like for your set +/- one for your friends. Sell off your extras. The days of crazy prices is over.


7) Be mindful of scammers

Unfortunately there are always unscrupulous types that hover around where there is money to be made. It is important that you are always vigillant when trading and when looking for a bargain. If you see a table full of rares and full sets, be sure to check that person’s profile. Have you seen their name around the community? Are they an active trader? If someone has written on their profile – Just a trading alt, here to trade only… ask yourself why they could not do so on their main. If in doubt, walk on by. As the saying goes…. if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

It is always a good idea to check a box before you buy it to make sure there is the appropriate item in the contents. Since September 2013, creators have increasingly been packaging their items in no modify boxes to reduce scams.


8) If you havent already…. set up a yardsale

This is a good way to get rid of your extras and recoup some linden so you can spend it again! You can set up your yardsale in your own backyard or come to larger sims like Gachatopia and rent a table. Advertise your yardsale on by filling in a form. It’s free.

Hope you have fun this Arcade round. Good luck and happy gachaing :)


The NEW! Gacha Show!


Welcome to the NEW Gacha Show! We are pleased to announce that the Gacha Show is now bigger than ever, with a whole new look, a greater avatar capacity and a low lag location. Starting this Saturday for the Balaclava show, 50 avatars will be able to camp, as usual, and guarantee themselves a spot at the show. For those of you that cannot camp, we now have the ability to open up more seats closer to show time. About thirty minutes before the show starts, seating will be available for people who are only just online and want a shot at getting in. Seating availability will vary at that point, but you will have a chance to fill whatever seats are left. Do you rent a shop at Gachatopia? You are in luck! A Gacha Show seat is always available for you now! Gachatopia shop owners, both large and small will now have backstage access to the show. Check the land group notices for details!

To keep up to date on all things Gachatopia, join our inworld group at the sim and remember show access is group only so join in advance! See you at the show!