TAG! Postponed


Dear Players,

TAG! Gacha will not be running this April. I have some real life obligations that need my attention and although I thought I could possibly run the event and take care of my real life, I have come to the conclusion that won’t be possible. I know how much you all love the very original concept of TAG and I will certainly run it again in the future if real life allows. TAG! may be duplicated in its function, like everything in Second Life, but there will never be another event like this, just as there can never be another Gachatopia, no matter how hard people try to duplicate the magic. The reason for that is you.

I want to thank you all for your incredible support and enthusiasm from the day Gachatopia opened back in 2013. For the past three years you guys have become a real community and I could not be prouder of the group and all the fun we have had. From the Arcade countdown parties, The Gacha Show and all the way through to TAG! you guys have lit up my Second Life and made it worth logging in every day.

Please know that what is happening in my real life right now is bringing me a great deal of happiness and even though I can’t be online much, my good friends and crew keep me posted. The group moderators can help you with anything you need and I will be around occasionally to check in and of course fill the dumpster! Our Gachatopia locations remain open to shop at and our community gacha group remains open for you all to trade in and enjoy.