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This past summer, rather abruptly, I decided to make some drastic changes to Gachatopia. The copybot scandal that occurred on the marketplace and the downfall of a gacha resale park, that was allowing the resale of stolen assets, made it clear that the landscape of Second Life gacha was changing and not for the better. To the surprise of many of our renters, I shut down the meters, let everyone’s time run out and when the last meter expired, I closed rentals at Gachatopia completely. It was really difficult to explain my reasoning then because what needed to be done was not even completely clear to me. All I knew was that it would be impossible to keep a crime like that out of our community if we had an open rental sim and did not have control of who was selling there. Gachatopia maintained 100% occupancy from the day we opened rentals, to the day we closed them. It has been a great place to buy and sell and has met every expectation we ever had. We have, to this point, maintained a safe trusted environment but I feel we can build an even better resale model for Gachatopia.

With TAG! Gacha happening in October, there was little time to really think about what the new direction would be and I did a quick sim remodel to get us through the event but it was clear we were going to need more than a coat of paint. We needed to change the way we were reselling so that Gachatopia could continue to be the safe, trusted and effective community it always has been. I thought back to 2012 when Luke and I opened the Trailer Park and thought about what it was that made that such a success. The answer to where we were going, was in the heart of where we started. A private, personal yardsale.

The Trailer Park is now split between two new locations and the region Templar will only open for our twice yearly event, TAG! Gacha. The Trailer Parks will offer gacha from the inventories of trusted, well known gacha collectors. The collectors at The Trailer Park offer the extras they have received directly from the original machine. Our collectors inspect their own items before they are offered for resale. No common at the Trailer Park is ever sold above pull price and rares are sold at reasonable mark ups. With our new resale model, people can continue to shop at the Trailer Park with the confidence they always have and we can relax knowing that what our park offers, will continue to keep the fun of gacha alive and well.

To see who is selling at the Trailer Park have a look at the Collectors page. Feel free to contact them inworld if you need something that is not set out at one of the parks. You can also join in on the trading and selling using our inworld gacha group Gachatopia!

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